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The Venus Legacy Corporal is a true revolution in body contouring, designed to reduce localized fat, fight cellulite and eliminate flaccidity. This multipolar radiofrequency treatment gives you amazing results that you can see and feel.

Results begin to appear after only 4 sessions, but for a complete transformation, 10 to 12 sessions are recommended, followed by monthly maintenance. The Venus Legacy Body is the way to the figure you’ve always wanted.

Facial and Neck Treatment:
Also, don’t forget that the Venus Legacy is also available for facial and neck treatments. This facial version improves skin quality, firmness and can reduce the appearance of jowls and cheeks. Once a week is all you need to experience a transformation in your face.

Transform your Body and your Confidence:
Don’t wait any longer to achieve the figure you want and the confidence you deserve. With the Venus Legacy Body and Facial, you can turn your appearance around and feel better about yourself.

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